R&G Potato Company, Inc. will market quality white chipping potatoes, potato based products, and related services to the North American agricultural industry

R&G Potato Company was founded in 1977 by Garn Theobald and Ray DeRoche.  A few years into the business, Ray retired and Garn’s brother, Steve, was brought in as a partner and CFO.  The two brothers grew R&G and propelled it to become the successful business it is today.


In 2003, the company diversified and the first crop of Navajo Mesa Farms commenced.  Navajo Mesa Farms has become an integral part of the R&G legacy and provided an opportunity to expand the business from a brokerage-only standpoint to become a self-sustainable grower.


2013 marked the beginning of retirements from the company’s initial executives: Garn Theobald, former Chairman of the Board, retired in 2013,  followed in 2015 by Steve Theobald, former CEO, and Ken Holman, former COO.  The combined experience of these three men and their commitment to the company left large shoes to fill, and has presented an opportunity for a new generation to come aboard.  Scott Stanger, CEO, Justin Reynolds, CFO, and Brian Theobald, COO/Farm Manager, are currently overseeing day-to-day operations and focused on continued company growth and success.




Garn Theobald Is Inducted Into The Eastern Idaho Agriculture Hall of Fame

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The vast amount of our success is credited to our loyal grower base. We currently have 13 growers in Idaho with more than 300 years of combined chip potato production experience. We take pride in cultivating and investing in our relationships with our growers and spend time with them in their fields, storages and also on a personal level. Most of our growers are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation Idaho farmers.


R&G Potato Company employs 18 full-time employees throughout the year, increasing that number by 20-30 on a seasonal basis. Navajo Mesa Farms currently employs 25 full-time employees with an additional 75-90 during peak seasons. We presently ship potatoes 12 months of the year and greatly depend on the dedication of these reliable employees in order to fulfill our commitment to our customers.


We are an American business and proud to contribute to feeding Americans every day. We love what we do and look forward to providing quality white chipping potatoes for many years to come.



We partner with growers we believe in. Because great things come from holding the highest standards.


What makes us different? Our work, our passion and our people.

Garn Theobald

Steve Theobald

Ken Holman

Board Member  | R&G Potato Co. | Navajo Mesa Farms | Retired

Board Member | R&G Potato Co. | Navajo Mesa Farms | Retired

Board Member | R&G Potato Co. | Navajo Mesa Farms | Retired

Brian Theobald

Scott Stanger

Justin Reynolds

Chief Operating Officer | Navajo Mesa Farms | R&G Potato Co.

Chief Executive Officer | R&G Potato Co. | Navajo Mesa Farms

Chief Financial Officer | R&G Potato Co. | Navajo Mesa Farms

Mary McLean

C.J. Sweeney

Chris Cluff

Accounting Administrator | Navajo Mesa Farms

Assistant Warehouse Manager | R&G Potato Co.

Warehouse Manager | R&G Potato Co.

Debbie Theobald

Berlinda Segina

Stacey Theobald

Office Manager, Retired; Corporate Secretary Treas. | R&G Potato Co.

Office Assistant | Navajo Mesa Farms

Office Manager | R&G Potato Co.

Heather Cole

Tyler Scott

Lynette Romansky

Logistics Coordinator | R&G Potato Co.

Shop Manager | Navajo Mesa Farms

Administration Manager | Navajo Mesa Farms

Jordan Thomas

Jason Yazzie

Preston Longhurst

Assistant Farm Manager | Navajo Mesa Farms

Crop Production Manager | Navajo Mesa Farms

Crop Production Manager | Navajo Mesa Farms

Coley Luce

Operations Analyst | R&G Potato Co.


R & G Potato Inc.

Navajo Mesa Farms

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(505) 566-2666



9AM - 6PM



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